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Kitchen Manager / Head Chef

Position Type: Paid

The kitchen manager is responsible for all kitchen operations such as; the preparation of three meals each day and one snack time for 120+ campers and staff. The kitchen manager must be prepared to provide accommodations to individuals with dietary needs including vegetarian/vegan, kosher, and gluten free with assistance in planning from the Food Service Director. Ideal candidates for this position, will have at least three years cooking in a from scratch commercial kitchen or restaurant,

This is a paid position.


  • Experience in quantity cooking and professional kitchens. 

  • Food handler’s permit and sanitation certification. 

  • Servsafe kitchen manager certification

  • Supervisory/management experience. 

  • Experience addressing the needs of various dietary restrictions

  • Meets all camp vaccination requirements, including vaccinations for: MMR, Td/Tdap, Varicella, Meningococcal, Hepatitis, and COVID-19

General Duties:

  • To be responsible for the entire kitchen operation ensuring good sanitation procedures and safe food for our camp community. 

  • To take the lead in food preparation and take a hands-on approach to management. 

  • To share in cooking responsibility.

  • To ensure that quality food is being served while maintaining a budget and including the needs of all dietary restrictions. 

  • Plan meals and snacks for the camp period taking in account allergies and other dietary needs. 

  • Solicit food donations with the assistance of other staff

Specific Duties:

  • To prepare and post daily production sheets for the smooth operation of the kitchen and record keeping.

  • To meet with purveyors and order all supplies for the kitchen.

  • To keep inventories and keep track of stock items, including those for alternative dietary needs. 

  • To keep all equipment in the kitchen maintained and in good repair. 

  • To supervise the daily cleaning of the kitchen and weekly deep cleaning. 

  • To make daily work lists for kitchen workers. 

  • To make sure that temperature charts are kept on refrig., freezers, and dishwashers, and ensure foods are stored properly in adherence to food safety guidelines. 

  • To train all kitchen staff in sanitary procedures and food preparation, and reteach as necessary. 

  • To evaluate the kitchen staff and volunteers and assign duties according to skills and interests.

  • To ensure that meals are prepared and served on time.

  • To meet with the Director to discuss the menu.

  • To assist with serving and consolidating the food after meals.

  • To set the tone in the kitchen for work ethic and the highest level of sanitation.

  • Ability to lift and carry heavy objects;

  • Work in extreme heat;

  • Hear and listen;

  • Sit, stoop, kneel, crouch;

  • Work with chemicals;

  • Work with noise.

  • Read our Accessibility Policy, including common and available accomodations and accomodations we are unable to provide.

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