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Tuition & Fees

Camp Tuition & Fees:

2024 Camp Lilac tuition is $950. A nonrefundable application fee of $50 per camper will be charged. 

Upon acceptance, the application fee will be applied to the total tuition amount. Tuition is due by July 6, unless other arrangements have been made in writing, or in the case of a late acceptance to camp (e.g., being admitted off the waitlist). Requests for such arrangements can be made to and approved by the Director of Finance. There is no prorated fee for campers arriving after the start of a session or leaving before its completion. 


Returning Camper Discount: $50 off tuition.

Sibling Discount: $50 off tuition for each sibling.



Change in Registration Fee (i.e., switching sessions): $25

Bounced Check Fee: $50


Tuition and fees can be paid through your CampDoc profile. On the landing page, select "Account," then "Make a Payment or Donate." We prefer payments being made through CampDoc, but we can accept payment via Check, PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. Please contact us at prior to using one of these payment methods.

Our full Refund & Cancellation Policy is available in our Policy Handbook (currently undergoing revisions).

Financial Aid

We are proud to have offered over $38,200 in need-based scholarships to 67 campers in 2023. It is our hope and aim that finances will never be a barrier to attendance, and financial aid is available. Aid amounts and options, such as scholarship, installment payments, and community aid, are individualized according to need. 


We are also proud to launch the Camp Lilac Scholarship Fund for People of Color (POC), which exists to offset the disproportionate economic challenges faced by people of color, a term inclusive of but not limited to Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latinx, and multi-racial communities. Apply for this following the same process outlined below.

Our camper scholarship funds are primarily supported by individual donors. Click to learn more about supporting our campers.  Interested in sponsoring a named scholarship or specific scholarship fund? Contact us.

Financial Aid Process:
Step 1:

Apply for a spot at Camp Lilac, and indicate interest in financial aid in your camper's application. This question can be found under the heading "Questions For Parent/Legal Guardian."

Step 2:

Continue the application and interview process, and await your acceptance letter.

Step 3:

Complete the Financial Aid Application module within CampDoc. This will consist of providing proof of income, information about the number of members of your household, and an explanation of any special circumstances. 

Step 4:

Wait to hear back from Camp Lilac staff. We will contact families on a rolling basis as documentation is completed. To ensure consideration, please complete this as soon as it is available to you.

Community Support:

There are a variety of ways to fund your experience at Camp Lilac, including the examples listed here. We highly recommend pursuing any opportunities that apply to you and might be a potential source of funding.

External Camper Scholarships

Some organizations offer funding opportunities specifically for summer camps. These may be national, regional, or local. You can start by searching online for “Summer Camp Scholarships” followed by your state, city, or other terms describing you and your identity. 

Here is a list of known options - please help us add to it if you come across others!

Community Organizations

Local community organizations may be able to sponsor your experience at camp through exiting scholarship funds or upon request. 

  • Philanthropic / service organizations

  • Local LGBTQ+ organizations, including your local LGBTQ+ center or PFLAG Chapter.

  • Churches, Synagogues, or other affirming worship communities

  • School programs or affiliated groups


We recommend asking your therapist, guidance counselor, or other trusted adults at school if they know of any opportunities or organizations. To aid in approaching an organization regarding funding, we provide a Community Aid Request letter, which can be brought to an organization's leaders to explain the importance of Camp Lilac. 

Social or Family Services

​There may be divisions of city, county, or state government services who provide funding opportunities to qualifying families. A good place to start is again with your therapist, guidance counselor, or other trusted adults at school. 

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