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Testimonials & Impact


of campers were glad they attended Camp Lilac in 2023


"Attending this camp has actually changed my life. Finally having a place where you are fully surrounded by people living the same sort of life experience is more freeing than anyone can imagine. I met so many people who have changed my life for the better and every day I’m not at camp is a day I miss it!"

- 2023 Camper


of caregivers agreed Camp Lilac was a

beneficial experience for their camper.

"I can't put into words how grateful we are that we found Camp Lilac. Thank you for being there for our children. Our daughter looks forward to having the time to be 100% herself, without fear or judgment, all year long."

- Parent of a 2023 Camper

"Camp Lilac created a space where our child felt protected and honored. She was excited to share stories about new friends, funny moments, and activities made fun because of the company she was with."

- Parent of a 2023 Camper


Supporting Wellbeing

Overwhelmingly, polled campers reported that they felt supported, understood, and like they were a part of a community. Many also expressed that they felt empowered to try new things.

"My kid came back with a brightened mood, more confident, and a feeling of acceptance that they haven't experienced on this level. They feel more a part of a community who embraced them for who they are."

- Parent of a 2023 Camper

A majority of campers even reported a decrease in their stress and anxiety while at Camp Lilac.

"It really is an incredible environment, and all the stress from my daily life just melts away. I felt so calm and confident in myself, and felt confident to try new things with my new friends."

- 2023 Camper

 It was nice to finally have a place where I feel like I can truly be myself without being criticized, or scared. I love camp a lot <3

2023 Camper

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Information collected via surveys distributed to all attendees of 2023 camp sessions following conclusion of the camp program. Response rates varied per question. Campers: 41-44 respondents; Caregivers: 45-46 respondents. Erroneous / duplicate responses omitted.

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