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Nursing Staff

Position Type: Volunteer

Position Description

Camp Lilac nurses are a part of a multifaceted leadership team that works to provide a safe space for gender-diverse youth in a supportive, youth-focused environment. They are responsible for all facets of health care for all campers and staff, within their legal scope of practice as nurses. During camp, they live and work full time at camp for the duration of the session or sessions.

This is a volunteer position.


  • Must be licensed as an RN who can practice in the state of Ohio

  • Must have current First Aid and CPR certification

  • Must be able to travel around camp, with or without accommodation

  • Must enjoy working with youth

  • Must be familiar with and sensitive to the unique needs of transgender and gender diverse youth

  • Experience working in pediatric or emergency settings is preferred, but not an absolute requirement

Specific Responsibilities: 

Before Camp (Optional):

  • Work with the leadership team to have evidence-based health policies for camp, including but not limited to infection control, immunization, and medication policies

  • Review all camper health forms to ensure that campers are fit to participate in camp and that the camp nurses and other staff can meet any special health care or disability-related needs

  • Ensure that we have prescriber authorizations for all medications to be administered at camp

  • Check inventory of first aid supplies, PRN medications, supplies for screening staff and campers as they enter (e.g., COVID tests and thermometers), and other supplies stocked in the Health Center (e.g., sunscreen, bug repellant, and sanitary supplies). Order ample supplies of all kinds for the beginning of camp

  • Communicate with parents before camp: 

    • Immediately after camper registration, concerning expectations for prescription medications to be brought to camp

    • For campers with special health needs during camp, for complete information, and to reassure parents that we can care for their camper

    • One month before camp begins, about any gaps in the health forms and prescriber authorizations for campers 

    • Two weeks before check-in, concerning the Health Center check-in procedure

At Check-in

  • Conduct any CDC-recommended screenings upon arrival of both staff and campers

  • Provide a safe storage space for staff prescription medications.

    • Staff administers their own medications, we simply provide safe storage.

  • During staff orientation, provide information on sanitation, infection control, and any special staff or camper needs that others need to know about (for example, epilepsy, severe allergies, or diabetes)

  • Receive and document all medications received from parents for campers

    • Check to ensure that medications we receive match the medications reported by parents and authorized by prescribers

    • If necessary, coach parents to contact the prescriber for any needed updates

  • At camper orientation, provide information about Health Center services and infection control

During Camp

  • Provide ongoing health guidance and education as needed

  • With other nurses, provide in-person coverage for the Health Center during all waking hours, and shared overnight on-call coverage

  • Administer medications for campers at meals, bedtime, and PRN

    • Document all medications using our current electronic medical record system (at this writing, CampDoc).

  • Manage illnesses, injuries, and any other health complaints for both campers and staff

    • Provide a safe space to isolate any campers or staff with infectious disease

    • Document all incidents and interventions using our current electronic medical record system

  • Determine when campers and staff need care outside of camp at an urgent care or emergency room, for illness of injury that cannot be adequately treated at camp.

    • Communicate with parents if at all possible, both before and after transporting camper to outside health care.

    • Accompany any camper or staff (if needed) to outside health care.

    • Document all outside care using our current electronic medical record system.

    • Send a summary of outside health care to the camper’s prescriber.

  • Maintain close communication with camp mental health providers.

 At Check-out:

  • Return any unused medications to each camper’s parents

  • Report to parents any health care incidents or unusual situations, as needed

  • Provide parents with any needed communication for the camper’s usual health care provider

  • Ensure that staff has safely recovered their prescription medications before leaving

  • Pack and inventory remaining first aid supplies, PRN medications, screening supplies, and other supplies stocked in the Health Center

After Camp (Optional):

  • Provide written recommendations for changes for the following camp year

  • Participate in revising health forms and health policy

Physical Requirements

  • Traversing up to half a mile at a time (with or without reasonable accommodation), likely multiple times a day

  • Navigating uneven terrain (with or without reasonable accommodation) such as muddy trails with tree roots, gravel paths, inclines, stairs

  • Accurately exchanging information with other staff members and with campers in a timely way

  • Remaining present for all assigned shifts.

  • Read our Accessibility Policy, including common and available accommodations and accommodations we are unable to provide.

Exceptions to these requirements can be made with permission from the director, and as long as all camper and staff needs are met.

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