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Staff in Training

Position Type: Volunteer

Position Description

Staff-in-training (SITs) are individuals who are 18 or 19 years of age and meet one of the following criteria: 

  • was a camper during a previous season

  • recent high-school graduate

  • has minimal experience working in a camp/childcare and would benefit from focused training

This is a two-week program. In addition to training, SITs will observe, assist and lead an activity over the course of their two week program.  During the second week, SITs will move into camper cabins to continue expanding their skills in all areas of camp responsibilities.

Throughout the course of the two weeks, SITs will develop the following skills/knowledge bases:

  • A strong work ethic

  • How each camp role is performed 

  • Camper development

  • First aid/CPR

  • Being an effective leader

General SIT responsibilities will include: 

  • Live with and be a core part of the camp community

  • Attend meals with campers 

  • Communicate and advocate for the needs of the campers, and escalate issues when necessary

  • Communicate effectively and compassionately with coworkers and campers

  • Give and get support through regular check ins with other camp staff

  • Perform all duties considerate of a range of experiences and needs, with a focus on creating an accessible environment and experience for all

During their first-week, SIT responsibilities will include:

  • Attend all required trainings as per the SIT curriculum and SIT coordinator

  • Be present in villages during transitional times when campers could make their way back to cabins

  • Other duties as assigned based on your skills, competencies, and completed training

During their second-week, SIT responsibilities will include:

  • Ensure campers are awake at the start of days and in bed at the end of days

  • Be on hand in the cabin for cabin bonding time and free time

  • Other duties as assigned based on your skills, competencies, and completed training.

Physical Requirements

  • Traversing up to half a mile at a time (with or without reasonable accommodation), likely multiple times a day

  • Navigating uneven terrain (with or without reasonable accommodation) such as muddy trails with tree roots, gravel paths, inclines, stairs

  • Accurately exchanging information with other staff members and with campers in a timely way

  • Remaining present for all assigned shifts.

  • Read our Accessibility Policy, including common and available accommodations and accommodations we are unable to provide.

Exceptions to these requirements can be made with permission from the director, and as long as all camper and staff needs are met.

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